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We hope to provide everyone the opportunity to learn and play the card game of Canasta. ┬áIt’s a great game for a fun-filled family game night or just between two competitive friends looking for a challenge.

This site was created to introduce new players to the game as well as to assist current players in clarifying the rules, providing some basic strategy, and sharing our score sheet with the community.

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Canasta, a variant of Rummy, was invented in Uraguay in 1939. It first spread to South America before becoming popular in the United States in the 1950s.


Canasta has numerous variations and rules, including Brazilian, British, Italian, Cuban, and even Boat Canasta, however, Hand and Foot Canasta takes the cake with the most unique name.


Canasta means "basket" in Spanish. In the game, you try to get a basket-full, or 7, cards of the same rank in order to obtain points for a canasta.

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The internet offers several sites with free online Canasta games. Click here to find out more about options for playing Canasta online.