Q: How many Canastas to go out?

A: Two Canastas to go out for 2 or 4-player games (straights count). One Canasta is the requirement for 3 players.

Q: What is Canasta Meld?

A:  Meld are the cards/points laid on the table in sets of 3 or more.

Q: How many card decks are used in Canasta?

A: Four decks of cards, including four jokers for a total of 108 cards.

Q: When was Canasta popular?

A: It still is in many families around the world. It was more mainstream in the US in the 1950s-1980s.

Q: When does Canasta end?

A:  A Canasta game ends when the first player/team reaches 5000 points.

Q: Are Canasta cards different?

Q: Where to buy Canasta cards? Where to buy Canasta card trays?

A: Click links below to see Canasta cards and Canasta card trays available on Amazon. You can also go to our Canasta related products page for more info.

Q: Where to play Canasta?

A:  Well, you can play Canasta at home, play Cansta online, or on your phone with the latest Cansta App.  Check out our Play Canasta Online page for more help.

Q: How to play Canasta for two?

A: See our Canasta Rules page for a quick "how to".

Q: How to play Canasta for three?

A:  It's similar to Canasta with two players, but each player only gets 13 cards in the deal.  Play cycles clockwise and all players are independent.  Only one Canasta is required to go out. The  same rules apply otherwise.  Go to 5000 points.

Q: How to play Canasta for four?

A:  Again, similar to Canasta with two players, but it's two teams, players sitting opposite of one another are partners.  Deal 11 cards each, keep the table talk to a minimum, and good luck! All other rules stay the same as 2 players.


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